The lake is very quickly heading to ice out.  The darker it gets the closer it gets to open water


The raft is floating free today of its ice winter home


View off the hill today of the darkening lake.  The small pond by Save More Grocery store is ice free today it is always the lake that opens first


Troy blew through 4 fill ups of gas in the leaf blower today cleaning up the leaves


Looks so much better after he went through


We were also spring cleaning cabins.  This drawer of Scrabble games in Muskie makes me think of Jack and Char who would always have a game going on the table when they stayed.  I happily organized the loose Scrabble game drawer thinking of them.  Certain games in each cabin bring memories of the family that enjoys each.  The loose ping pong balls in the drawer above the Scrabble drawer I also know who left and happily left them to be found again this summer on a hot night in July with red Solo Cups


Troy and I happily ended our maple syrup season canning 6 gallons of syrup.  Unfortunately we had some bad sap at some point that effected the flavor of the sap but we canned it anyway it is better than the stuff the call syrup in the store


I also spent some time working on one of my sock machines I will be putting for sale  I oiled and cleaned this 1924 machine,  It turns like a trooper.  I will have it ready to go in a week or so.  I will be selling it with a lesson in how to make socks if interested let me know.  I will have 4 machines for sale during the year as I get them oiled and cleaned


I also had new arrivals for the Gift Shop.  These graphite fire lighters arrived.  You strike them for a spark to get the fire going


We also had these great marshmallow cookers arrive.  They spread out to cook as many marshmallows as you can get on them over the fire


These more traditional marshmallow cookers arrived as well


I also have them in the longer variety


Puggie Pie irons will also be in the shop

Stay tuned I have a few more items arriving along with new sweatshirts and T shirts.  I am picking out the new logo this week