Despite how busy Mack looks we had a busy weekend with 8 cabins at the resort and trying to get spring work done around the resort.  Don’t let Mack fool you that spring around a resort in relaxing if you live here.  


While Mack was busy sleeping we got the raft painted


The ladders for the dock and raft got a fresh paint job as well.  This next week is going to be all about getting the beach opened up and ready


Meanwhile someone woke up long enough to wander down to the beach with a  stick to chew on.  He really has a ruff life


The big brown dock also got a scrap job and we started painting it before the rain hit


Big blue dock spread out drying also for a paint job later in the week.  Troy did get the white steps into the lake painted as well in the corner of the picture


I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon working on my 4 sock machines I am rehabbing and selling this summer.  So far 3 of them are cleaned up and getting closer to being ready to go


Troy helped me with this repair on one of the machines.  It is a 1920 machine and its cams needed a new spring.  We pulled an old spring out of a pen and that is all it took to get the came flipping again


There was some fishing going on this weekend.  Rob Schulz was out test driving one of the motors as the first user of it this spring.  All was good.  I did not hear how the fishing went


Amy the soap lady stopped to drop off my first shipment of goat milk soaps.  We are putting her soaps in all of the bathrooms in the cabins for guests.  They are great and I think everyone will enjoy them.  I will also have her larger bars for sale in the gift shop.  Lilies of the Valley, Oak leaves and Acorns, and Oatmeal and Honey are the first find we are trying.  I will also have her Sportmans soap that washes away human scent for fishermen and hunters to use


All this work, Mack needed a break.  Charlies Cheese opened and he got his first doggie cone which he spent 5 minutes slowly licking and enjoying on the ground

Its a Dog’s Life