It has been a busy week.  Besides all the work going on with the late spring Bryon has moved our website to a different more secure server and there have been days of things moving over from servers including the blog.  

While that was going on Ben and Grant made it home in time to help with resort opening.  They got all the green boats painted and then moved on to docks


And painting the perch….


After a week of finals painting steps is relaxing.  We put them to work


Troy worked ahead of them getting the scraping done.  Picnic tables quickly got spiffy


Nobody takes pictures of me working but I had my own projects


Lots and lots of paint slinging was going on


Steve in on the action as well with his own projects painting trim in Birchwood


Steve got help from Chris Bognar who had a quiet week at home till we called with lots of work to keep him busy


Steve and Chris made quick work of Shamrock and Kaubashine getting painting done there


Keep going Grant!  We are not done yet and resort is full this weekend.  Paint paint paint!


Troy made quick work of straightening the docks while everyone else was painting.  He happily has non leaky waders on and is not sharing them with anyone


Our first shipment of new shirts arrived today.  I ordered a bunch of new kids shirts.  Check them out in the gift shop


Penny following Mack’s lead on sleeping her way through all the work.  She just wants everyone to finish and throw the ball for her