It was a beautiful Memorial Weekend.  70’s for temps and no rain Saturday and Sunday.  Perfect for enjoying the first days of summer


The water tramp made it out on the water to join the raft.  Grant and Quinton helping Troy get it set on the anchor.  They wanted to go water skiing but the red boat is not in yet so the water tramp was the next best thing 


Grant and Quinton enjoying the ride back from the tramp.  All in a days work at the resort.  Much better than finals week at the dorm


This lady was enjoying her 33 year at the resort watching her family have fun fro the top of the steps.  Nobody had a bigger smile this weekend than she did and nobody styled hats as well either


After getting the stink eye from a couple of humming birds it was time to get the feeders up.  One particularly aggressive hummer flew over this pile of feeders getting our attention as if to say “Hey get off your butts and get these hung up”  Grant, Quinton and Conner got to making sap for them.  We boil it 4 – 1 water to sugar no red dye


Steve and Bella spent part of the winter making the worlds best jump ropes as voted by Bella

They are for sale in the gift shop


Here are their sizes.  Bella will demo them if needed


Back to enjoying the rest of the weekend and remembering why we celebrate it.  

Salute to our Veterans who sacrificed and gave their service for us to enjoy this great place