Beautiful morning at the lake.  


Mack stopping for his morning drink.  He is happy to have the swimming steps back in.  Much easier for an old guy


The Blankenburg family were out fishing for crappie this morning.  The spawning fishing season is in full swing.  


The Lillies of the Valley have finally sprouted up atleast a week behind.  Usually they are blooming right now


This summer stop by when I am working on this old machine on our deck.  It is a 1873 Lamb flat bed knitter I ran in to in March.  I plan on having it working in the next few weeks.  First step will be to take it apart and soak it in Evaporust.  These machines are rare as they were mostly melted down during the wars.  I know of a handful of folks around the country with one.  With their guidance and pointers I hope to have it up and operational again.  Old machines are fun to work on as they are basic mechanics with gears.  Get the gears moving again and the machines comes alive.  Not bad for being almost 150 years old.  I believe the box is original as well.  This machine was destined for a scrap heap in Milwaukee until I was contacted

We still have nightly openings up to June 8th, Blackwood June 17 – 21 , and Wigwam June 22 – 29th which I will break up nightly.  After that we are currently booked out till August 30th so jump on those openings if you want to escape to the woods