Mike and Ruth are on their 25th year coming to the resort.  Lots of good times but spending time this week with their grandson Bentley was among their favorite 


A boat, a cabin and a grandson for a week, life does not get much better


First bluegill.  What do I do with it grandpa?


I am happier when they are back in the lake


Ok this is getting more and more fun


Where did the worm go?


Having Mack stop by for treats is another fun part of vacation.  Mike and Ruth usually have a golden of their own along, but they lost her a year ago.  I am waiting for them to show up with a puppy sometime soon.  Til then Mack fills in as a vacation dog, he is more than happy to stop by for homemade dog treats from Ruth


The sign of a good vacation with Grandpa and Grandma.  Til the fall…..  


Sunset on another great vacation,  Thanks to Mike and Ruth (who took all the pics and was not in any) for sharing a little of their vacation adventure