My 2nd day of Grandma’s taking pictures of Grandpa’s and the rest of the family fishing while she takes the pictures.  I have determined that there are very few pictures of Grandma’s out there due to this fact.  My previous blog entry was all pictures Ruth Grady took of her family fishing and now Annette is my grandma of the day taking pics and sharin

Brent and Annette (taking the picture) spent a great week with 4 generations of their family fishing at Red Pine.  Brent’s parents are not pictured but there were there too.  Brent reeling in the crappies from day one


Maddox with his mom Amanda learning the fun of crappie fishing with grandpa and grandma at the lake.  


Little brother Ozzie much happier to stay on land and catch bluegills from the dock and no way is he touching them.  Grandpa help!!!!  Grandma put down the camera and help me!


No wonder Ozzie is a little hesitant going out in the boat when he sees muskies in the shoreline spawning


Generation 3 not to be out done by generation 4, Catilin showing the little guys what happens when you learn from Grandpa and take the fish off your own hook


Lots of fish and even more good times with the family.  That is what time at the lake is all about.  Unplugging from life and enjoying priceless time floating in the boat hearing tales of fish stories and learning to take those fish off the hook


Sunset on another successful family vacation on Lower Kaubashine

Thank you to all the grandmas out there that take the pictures while the rest of the family is having fun.  Thanks Annette