Beautiful start to the week.  Everyone this morning had a fishing pole in their hand and the crappies were cooperating


Especially if you have a dad to help you out


And a good net


The ability to cast like a pro


The ability to let go your first big catch the dock


The ability to bravely get in a boat with 3 fishing poles all with hooks and all come back without a fishing hook embedded in any relative


Then there are others who are much happier on shore oblivious to any boys rushing by with bluegills on their lines or fishing hooks waving wildly in the air


There are others who get to sharpen up their motor fixing skills and bailing boat muscles


And others who just want to see what grandma is cooking in the cabin 

All in a good morning at the beach


We had a very special congrats to my nephew Conner, Katie’s son, who graduated this last week and is headed to UW Madison this fall.  He is so happy to finally be a college student and off on his adventure like his cousins.  Congrats Conner


His Graduation Banner was a special hand me down.  I bought it 6 years ago at Saint Mathias Thrift store for a dollar.  It has made it to every graduation since of some special friends of ours and all our boys and now Conner.  Each of the kids has signed the banner.  Conner joins a great tradition


People always ask us where do we go when we get away from the resort.  Troy surprised me with tickets to the Paul McCartney show in Green Bay at Lambeau Field.   Had a wonderful evening with Grant, Jake and Michelle.  Paul was amazing and we sat on the one yard line of Lambeau while he was in the other end zone.  I got cleaning done in record time to get to the concert.  


Lambeau Field, Paul McCartney, some great family and a wonderful husband!