We had our first afternoon of horse racing and wine tasting at the community room.  The Madson Family were playing for the first time and had a lot of fun seeing who would win the most money to use in the rec room  

IMG_9469 (1)

Bella was running the other game for me with Emerson against the Larson Boys.  The Larson boys did pretty good I think Nolan was in red was the big winner from his family his brother Bryce had a lot less pennies in front of him and big brother Jackson came in 2nd

IMG_9470 (1)

The one who walked away with the most though was my buddy Emerson for the 2nd year in a row.  I think he has a big gambling story to write for his teacher when she asks what did he do on summer vacation.  He won at the ponies


It was all smiles in the Jelinek family as the oldest grandson has the highest score on pinball so far this year.  He was very proud of getting on the blog this year as his brother batman made it on the Black’s Cliff Calendar this year for the month of June in his Batman outfit from last year


Grandma Karel had to give the game a try but I think the record is in tact for the moment


A house full of teenage – 20 something boys ment that the rest of the green boats went in the lake

It was a trade off a little work and……


The first water skiing of the summer for the Gibson boys and their friends.  Grant was behind the wheel pulling his first skiers while the lake was still quiet.  He did really good and I might have just lost my boat driving for the summer.  It is a transition watching the next generation at the ski dock and driving the boat.  Grant is really getting the hang of it quickly it must be in the genes

We do have 2 openings left for summer

Blackwood June 17 to leaving the 21st 2 bdr 180/night

Wigwam June 26, 27 and 28th.  It is on special 190/night up to 4 people or 250/night up to 7

After that we are booked out til August 30th so give a call if you would like a short get away