Sunday Morning cold or warm as long as it is not raining the beach is always busy.  The raft floating in the morning sunshine waiting for this weeks crew to head out and take their first dives off the diving board


The dock quickly filled up with spectators to watch what was happening on the water tramp. 


A little bit of sibling rivalry from the Kramp family


Someone in this picture ended up in the water 3 seconds after this picture.  Not saying who


Much more relaxed time on on the water tramp


Lots of fishing going on this week.  I heard a nice walleye was caught by Billy Borger.  I am waiting on the picture of it yet to share


Grant and Troy have a project going on.  Grant and I am not asking how in college discovered that Pabst bottle beer has playing cards under the cap.  He spent time thinking of what to do with the neat caps.  He came up with making a Sequence card game with them.  Troy and Grant spent a couple of hours working on perfecting the board.  Now he needs bottle caps to fill the board.  Two sets of playing cards in bottle caps per game.  If anyone out there is a PBR bottle drinker please save them for Grant and bring up.  He is making one board and may make a few more to pay for text books in year 2 of college.  


This is what we are looking for.  Hilltop, Whitmans and Hazelhurst Pub are helping collect for him too


Beautiful summer afternoons on the deck with my sock machine and a lake view.  The sock shop is well stocked at the moment but they are leaving in piles so I am busy keeping up

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