For a week that was supposed to be rainy it turned out beautiful and we had happy people who were grateful for sunny skies


Little Hailey was happiest of all and so excited to be at the cabin with her mom and grandma.  Grantma Anne learned how to take fish off the hook for her eager first time fishing grand daughter.  How cute is this, pure happiness


Arwen the golden retriever was up enjoying her first week at the lake with Chris and Shelia who will be back at the resort next summer with another new addition I just heard about which I can’t wait to meet.


We had a great evening at the playground this week with the Kramp Family in a game of Werewolf.  The werewolves were hunting down the villagers at Black’s Cliff.  Who was a villager and who was a werewolf…. that was the question.  Many family members were slaughtered to find out the answer to that question


Grant did a great job being the moderator of the game telling the story of what happened to the villagers.  Judy and Penny joined in with the Kramps.  It was brother against sister….. mom against son….. in the end the wolves got sniffed out and the playground was safe again


Bella and Penny went around delivering the 5th edition of the Black Family magazine.  Editor and chief is Bella with assistants of Jen and Steve.  It is the best edition so far.  Make sure to take a moment and read it in your cabin



Machine news I took this 1890’s flat bed rusty machine and…


Cleaned up the needle bed to look like new.  It needs a lot of work yet but it was amazing to see what was under all that rust.  I used a gallon of evaporust and a 8 hour soak.  Stop by this summer to see this machine come to life again