We kicked off our 2 weeks of our 4th of July crew at Otto’s Beer Garden.  18 of us came together at Otto’s to toast another year at the resort.  Good times with good people at a good place to eat


Finding a spot for 18 people on a Saturday night can be hard.  Otto’s outside Beer Garden we have always found room and it is a delightful spot when the weather is nice.  Big groups or small it is the place to be!  Week one of the Snodgrass/ Hixson/Tungett/Flower crew went off with stories of times gone by, looking forward to what the present has to offer when families and friends get together


After all that fun it was time for a nap on a cool rainy Sunday.  Who could it be under all those covers?


Here is our swinging bed co pilot keeping the recliner warm with a fire going and feet up


Breakfast was being had with Eleanore, Lyle, Julie and Bob.  Nothing better than a breakfast on Wildflower’s porch at the old round table.  Eleanore’s dad, Roy, loved this table for playing cards at and it shall always be in Wildflower awaiting a meal or a good game


Linda has her floatie ready for the minute the sun comes out


Danny spent his first night at the resort in a few years on the swinging bed.  He was recounting the story of strange noises heard during the night….

Ready set for Summer at the lake 2019!  Now all the is needed is some sun