Beautiful July days at the lake


Lots of fun paddling around the lake


Catching fish like Megan here who is knows how to take her fish off her own hook!  Yeah Megan!


Sitting back like John and Lillian in the background enjoying some rays while the kids have fun


Learning how to drive skiers for the first time and spending more time with a rope behind the boat than a line in the water with Mark and Charles


Lauren and Abigail living it up keeping Mark and Charles on their toes pulling them around the lake and taking them horseback riding

Dad’s and uncles are the best!


Paddle boarders having fun!


Keeping the trampoline inflated 


Catching some rays on a leaf



In other news this crazy hat making machine has found its way to our house. It is electric and goes around a little faster than I am comfortable with.  Steve tried to slow it down with a Rheostat switch.  Basically it slowed it 15 percent…. kinda like going from 50 to 40 miles an hour.  What is the difference between 40 or 50 when your fingers are involved.  So I am slowly and carefully learning how to make it work

 or IMG_9801

Here is the first hat off the machine.  I am going to go find fleece and line the hats with fleece for softness.  Stay tuned to see more coming off Gertie the Hat Machine