Our 80’s video games we added to the office we are using as a fund raiser for the Northwoods Wildlife Center.  We ask guests who use Pac Man, Centipede and Rampage in the community room to put a donation in the box for the center.  I asked the Wildlife Center if we could donate the money to something they need.  They have decided to put it towards a new fence for the orphan fawns who come in.  The Center raises them until they are ready to go back to the wild.  The fence is badly in need of repair


A storm last year blew trees over on to the fence and thy are keeping it together but as you can see it needs repair.  The cost estimate is 1,000.  We think it is a perfect use of the video game money



Here are some of the patients in the fenced area right now.  So stop and play Pac Man and make a donation

Thanks from the Wildlife Center


We have had some smores experts stop by and learn how to play Pac Man along with having some smores


End of another great week at the resort.  Mike Frisch doing the sad walk up the hill with the empty gas tanks after a great week at the lake

Til next year Mike!