It was a beautiful morning at the lake.  The lake mists and sun coming out




Always gotta take a raft pic


Water tramp in the mist is fun too but the raft is just more photogenic


It was a happy day at the lake as the boat lift for the red boat arrived.  The red boat was sunk a few weeks ago in its dock when it was overcome by big waves from a wake boat.  No sinking will happen again with this lift


Boat looks much happier and will not be banging around in the waves up on the lift.  Just what an old boat needs a little TLC in its old age


That way it will be ready for many more days like this cruising Lower Kaubashine


I ment to post this picture a week ago when the Chu girls were here.  Leo Hodes along with many other guests collect pop tops for the Chu girls to take to the Ronald McDonald House.  Leo is definitely the biggest contributor.  He collects them in his class room and brings them on vacation to give to girls he has never met but loves to help out.  Big thanks to Leo and his kids for their hard work.  I am waiting on a picture from the Chu girls dropping off the load at Ronald McDonald House in the Twin Cities

We had a personal experience with how great a Ronald McDonald House is when you have a sick kid in the hospital.  We will be forever grateful to them for being there when our family needed help.  You hope and think you will never have an emergency or need one but they are there when you need them through the good works of many people.  We collect pop tabs at the resort year round.  So bring your baggie of them large or small and we will get them to a Ronald McDonald House


Back to enjoying the views

Our first openings start Sept 2nd.  Weekends in the fall are filling up fast.  I did go in and put all the big cabins on special for mid weeks in September and October.  If you can travel mid week we have some great spots open at a reduced rate.  If looking for a week call Jenny and see if we have any on special for the weekends