It was a relaxing week at the resort.  Great for paddle boating


We even got out for a ride around the lake….


It was relaxing on the way out but we always seem to have a reason for our jaunts on to the lake..  This one was to rescue the pontoon boat.  Everyone happily made it back to shore and the red pontoon is up getting a carburetor fix and will be back soon


Lots of fishing by the Wiederhoeft family


Perch and bluegills were the fish of the week.  I did get to hear a classic tale of a muskie following up to the boat a blue gill on a very light pole.  The bluegill jumped out of the water


Steve got the doors on our winter storage building and it looks finished!


Somebody got a bath…..


To which he promptly went for a good dirt roll afterwards


A really cool new sock machine found its way to the resort in July and I just got it out to try it out.  It is a Legare made in Canada in the 20’s.  It has more gizmos than my other Gearhart machines.  It was fun to play with.  It specializes in making wider socks


It came with a wildly large yarn mast that was made for argyle socks which I do not know how to make buy maybe I should


I also had a fancy cone winder arrive to wind yarn on cones for my hat machine.  The hat machine goes so fast that I need yarn on cones so it feeds the machine evenly and no knots


After working all week we returned to Boomba Bar in Tomahawk for our 2nd fish fry of the summer  Last time we went with Kim and she had raved about the fish fry enough that her husband Will had to come try it too.  Will agreed and voted it best fish fry of the summer and hands down best cheese curds ever!  The drive to Boomba is lots of twists and turns but worth it.  If you take the back roads you can go out Cedar Falls to County Y or take Why 51 South to L and follow your GPS either way as there are too many twists and turns for me to type here

We did have a cancelation this week in Eagles Nest until August 30th if you need a quick last minute escape to the woods