All roads Labor Day Weekend end here


We had lots of nice fish caught this week.  Kim Taylor got this nice bass


Her son landed this lunker that was released back into the lake


The Voight family was all smiles  with Adam and Samuel landing their first 32 inch muskie with their dad Roy and Grandpa Horst.  

This muskie as well was released back into the lake but the excited Whoops of the Voight twin boys can still be heard echoing off the lake


Other families took a quieter approach to the weekend enjoying a nice fire at Bayview


Steve, Penny and Bella had fun at the end of Summer Menards kayak sale bringing home new kayaks.  The dark blue one is headed to Blackwood many at Blackwood will enjoy that new improvement


Steve took the red canoe from the office down for a special trip around the lake



He took it over to the Semmelmeyer/Gereke cabin to give Peggy Stockton a ride in her old family canoe.  They sold it to our family in the late 80’s and Steve finally got around to restoring it a few years ago.  Peggy had great fun reliving many memorable rides in this canoe.  It is from the late 20’s and is a Saint Louis Canoe.  Happy to see it make its yearly paddle on Lower Kaubashine


Bella had fun keeping up with Steve and Peggy in one of the spiffy new kayaks


Anyone need a Christmas stocking they are 65 dollars each with names put on.  They will not last long as we get closer to Christmas

Contact Jenny at if you are interested in getting some