It is a beautiful time of year to be at the resort


The sugar maples are popping colors here and there and the pine needles have started falling as well.  Many more colors to come in the next 2 weeks


This nice small muskie was caught and released this weekend by Jon Balun.  His 2nd muskie ever and he was thrilled


The hardware store is closing and they had a deal on snaps.  What do you do with a bucket of snaps….


You start organizing them and think of all the uses you might come up with for them


A whole selection of pulleys for porch curtains was also in the bucket, just waiting for a porch to go on


Back to pretty fall pictures




This picture will be filled with a lot more color in about a week or two.  We still have a few fall openings 

Our website has undergone a make over.  We are still working out some of the bugs out of the system and wording.  It will be evolving over the next few weeks as things change on it.  Our availability is posted through the 4th week of August 2020 right now.  Christmas and Thanksgiving calls are starting, if you want to spend the holidays in the Northwoods give a call soon as we are starting to fill up.