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The colors are amazing

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The playground in full color

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Mack loved having his boys home this week.

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Even more he enjoyed a visit from his buddy Barb

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Barb brings him pig ears and he remembers!

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The guys took out the big pontoon.  Missing pic was the smaller pontoon towing this big one over as it decided it was not going to start.  We had to push it from behind up on to the trailer in a stiff wind.  Steve had to back up into the lake with his truck

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Next up was taking out the big swim dock.  Water temp was 52 degrees.  Steve could not feel his feet when he was done

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Troy enjoyed being on shore for this one

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The sock machine has been busy.  The Northwoods Art Tour is going on at the resort this weekend.  We are a stop on the tour.  The sock machines will be out in the office demoing socks. 

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We have a couple cabins open this weekend starting Saturday.  Check them out on the website just click on availability