It may seem quiet at the resort but it has been a busy week


We had part of our crew from the 4th of July stop up to the resort for a few days of fun.  Ottos was a great evening with everyone to start out the fun


We choose this weekend because it is craft fair weekend in Minocqua and Murry brings up her creations to sell at her own booth.  She also had Linda Hoadley’s famous pot holder bowls with that were being sold to support the Northwoods Wildlife Hospital.  The pot holders were flying off the table!


I was next door to Murry making and selling socks, hats, gloves and scarves.  It was the most entertaining booths in the show with commentary flowing between the two booths


Troy’s sister Felicia on the far right, was up this weekend with her friends for their annual cabin weekend.  They were up to shenanigas the craft fair was their first stop.  There were a few others but things that happen on shenanigans weekend stay up north

IMG_0833 (1)

There tame shenanigans was a fun afternoon crafting


We had more sock machine lessons with Amanda who is considering giving my last sock machine for sale a new home.  Stanley the sock machine went back home with Amanda after he made it through the first pair of socks with her


Murry tried her hand at using one of my other machines making her own pair.  Amy my soap making friend was showing her how to make a heel.  Murry and Amanda had fun and have a new member of their family, Stanley, as long as he does not bit anyone with his sharp needles and behaves

At the moment I have no other sock machines for sale.  Troy is ok with me having 8 resident sock machines 5 of them are on permanent display and in retirement.  Three of them are at the house working.  Then there is the hat machine and the 1890 flatbed knitting machine but those don’t count.  

When I find another machine to sell I will announce it.  Machines come with sock making lessons.  So far 4 of them have headed out my door to new homes


Rich and Gloria Snodgrass while visiting took a drive over to Cedar Falls and took some nice pictures they shared with me


Thanks for sharing, Rich and Gloria!


Once everyone left it was time to get back to work.  Raking and blowing the resort is high on Troy’s list


Steve and his buddy Chris Moran had other ideas involving power tools and making holes in things.  First thing was a door on the boat barn


Making holes!


Looking good at the boat barn!


When the table saw gets moved over to a cabin things are serious along with a pile of lumber.  

The cabins get empty and the projects start.  Bear Den has a few more things on its list this year


First up was ugly 70’s paneling removal in queen bedroom upstairs


This was the end of day one.  We shall see how far they get.  I heard this is just a short project, not taking on the window replacement til spring


Penny just wants to have a warm place to take a nap while they work


Speaking of warm places that is not at the beach this week


Yep that is ice out half way into the lake.  With more cold temps on deck for next week


Time to enjoy the fireplaces at the resort and peace and quiet as long as the power tools are not being used