Its the calm before the storm.  The last time to wear shoes outside in the leaves.  There is snow storm after snow storm predicted in the next week and I have lost track of how many inches.  I just know I will have to put this shoes away tomorrow morning and break out the snow boots to help with the shoveling

Everyone who is arriving for Thanksgiving drive safe and leave a little later the roads should be better later in the day Wednesday


Steve is all set to plow out the resort with his new plow.  He gets to learn how to maneuver this big plow.  He has never used a plow with a split in the middle.  He can move it back and forth like waving.  Stay out of his way


All set for the storms.  Chairs put away for the winter just waiting for the arrival of the white stuff tonight

We are just happy Ben and Grant are arriving home tonight and will be off the roads.  Jake in his little white go kart (aka Fiat) might wait till Thanksgiving morning.  The Fiat does not do the snow as good as mom’s Chevy Traverse all wheel drive no matter what he thinks

Pictures of snow coming soon