The snow is not going anywhere and it is starting to look a bit like Christmas around the resort.  Troy has about 12 trees lit up through the resort and it is getting more and more feeling like Christmas


We did play Scrooge with a squirrel . The squirrel is trying to get in to the feeder and our automatic squirrel spinner is taking it for quite a ride.  Squirrel ended being flung into a snow bank


We had Jake and Sarah up this weekend.  They were working on earning some extra Christmas money by filling the woodshed


They helped us get a start on next summer’s wood.  They earned a few Christmas cookies


We also had the Moore family up this weekend  They tried out snowshoes for the first time.  Vicki was having fun in the snow


Vicki, Rob and Barb had a few visitors down in the driveway by Holiday at night


Mack was not interested in the visitors but much happier to count down to Christmas in front of the fireplace

Our college students, Ben and Grant will be home this week for break and Christmas gets going as they are home for the holidays. 

We do have openings throughout the Christmas break if you are looking to sneak up to the woods.  I just put Wigwam on special for Christmas up to Dec 26th at 180/night for up to 5 people.