Its been cold out and lots of snow.  The lake should be good for ice skating right?  Ummm not so much.  The problem in this picture for an ice rink on the lake is the heavy snow pack.  It insulates the ice making a slushy wet layer between the ice and the snow.  Skating through slush is not fun…  What to do about it?


Here is the rink outlined.  The slush is a few inches thick on top of 4 inches of ice.  


Troy and Ben wadding through the slush trying to get the snow off so the slush will freeze into a nice rink.  What about a snowblower you ask?  This stuff is to wet and heavy for a snow blower the only way is to take it off one shovel at a time.  We can’t have Christmas without a rink for ice hockey.  Christmas Eve with all the boys, and Bella would not be the same.


This is so much better than taking an Auditing Accounting final.  One more semester to go before starting to work on the CPA tests to become a public accountant for Ben.  Till then shovel more snow and slush!  Tomorrow it is helping mom write out the summer confirmation letters and tell her all the ways you can think of to make the letters go more tech and easy


Meanwhile the dog is smarter than the accountant and is on land watching from above.  



Get a move on lady the fireplace and my dog bed are calling my name


Tools of the trade the auger for drilling ice holes later for flooding the rink if needed for smooth ice

Looking forward to testing out the rink after it sets and freezes solidly

We have a few openings during the Christmas week and after if you need to escape to the woods

Wigwam is still on special of 180/night up to December 26th for up to 5 people or 210/night up to 7.  We also have Muskie, Holiday, Bear Den and Red Pine open for Christmas up to Dec 26th.  I will adjust rates on those depending on the number of people if want to spend Christmas in the Northwoods call for details 715 356 3018