Mack and Penny were ready for a morning trip to the lake.  Wonderful temps and fresh snow to the lake we go


Come on lets go!  No beach towel and flip flops needed today


The joys of winter…. the closest Mack gets to going on the raft


Time for a run!


Beautiful this morning!


The smart dog is the one that is beating the other to the wood stove in the house


One of them in this picture learned how to break in the others food tub and snarf down 3 days of food when nobody was looking.  Which looks the guiltiest?

Penny is eagerly awaiting her family returning.  We have been watching her for the past week while Steve, Jen and Bella went to New York to move our Aunt Debbie to Minocqua.  Especially in the summer many will meet her as she is over for visits.  


Welcome to the Northwoods Debbie!  A new adventure with your family begins

They love you in Wisconsin