The snow has been piling up and we have been busy cleaning cabins and getting summer deposits in.  

We are full this coming weekend but have openings the rest of the winter weekends and mid weeks.  Call if you need to escape to winter paradise


Highlight of our week was the guys heading over to a little game we were having in Green Bay.  Can you tell how much fun they were having

It was fun for them to escape from the woods for a little while and do some cheering with a few of their green and gold friends


We have discovered a few flying squirrel friends who though winter in the attic of one of the cabins would be fun.  We are live trapping them from the cabin and taking them up to The Northwoods Wildlife Center where they will spend the rest of the winter until they are released in the spring.  Flying squirrels do not do well in the middle of winter if you relocate and release them.  Never fear these guys are not flying on any guests they are being relocated as fast as we can trap them

The Wildlife Center has about 10 of the from all over the area so far wintering at the center.  If you would like to help the center out with winter feeding bills for these little guys send a check to The Northwoods Wildlife Center 8683 S Blumenstend Rd Minocqua, WI 54548   Send a note for the squirrels or other wintering wildlife.  The Center cares for animals year round and ends up wintering quite a few through the winter for spring release.  They told me a squirrel costs them about 5 dollars a day to feed and care for.  Along with a donation we dropped some fruits and veggies to help feed these guys


Courtney is the director of the center and is always welcoming to every animal big and small that comes through the doors of the wildlife center