Roofs in the Northwoods are feeling the weight of snow early this year.  Due to a bad rain storm on top of a lot of snow in mid December roofs have an ice build up that is preventing melting no the roofs and a build up of ice.  I have heard from several people about roofs or sheds collapsing in the area.  We started roof clearing.  Our new boat shed roof is supposed to not need shoveling being a metal roof it is supposed to slide off.  

The guys tried an experiment with the truck and a rope looped up through the snow


Will it work?  Lots of mumbling and debating


Answer is yes, but not as effective as we hoped.  It only calved off the lighter stuff on top leaving the heavy ice layer intact


Mack was not impressed


Back to old school


With a little time on his hands in the afternoon Troy took on my 1890 flat knitting machine.  He was working on the slots the needles go through getting the slots cleared out.  We hope to have this old machine working soon


He is using a jewlers file I traded to Basset Jewelers downtown for a pair of socks

This will be cool old machine when it is up and working

This next week I am traveling to Green Bay to pick up a 1920’s sock machine that I will be restoring and selling.  If you might be interested let me know it will come with a sock making lesson or 2.  I have 3 machines I use at the house and 5 in retirement in the Sock Shop on display.  There is no room for a 9th sock machine Troy says so I have promised to sell it.