Troy and I got out on a trail this week.  The weather was great and snow conditions were fast for skiing

We headed to Woodruff to the Madeline Lake Trail 15 minutes from the resort


Down the trail we went.  I did not take pictures of Troy going downhills happy to report except for one big hill all was good


Scenery along the trail


Our roofs are having trouble with ice build up at the edges from a big rain we had back in December.  We are getting ice jams


Jake came up to help us get the edges free of snow so they melt


It was quite a job


Escaping the city of Green Bay it was nice to spend some time at the woodshed too.  He and Sarah can claim 2 or 3 piles in the shed as their work


Troy filling up the bins to get ready for the weekend.  We have more snow in the forecast.  Winter is far from over



I had another sock machine find its way to my door.  This 1902 Gearhart is the 5th machine I have paired up with a new owner who is thrilled to learn the craft of sock making

With the 5 machines that I have found homes for and the 8 that that have found a home at the resort and one other that went as parts to a sock machine mechanic brings the total machines to 14 that have come across my door step

It is fun to bring them back to life and introduce the craft to more people.  


Make is just happy it involves laying on the floor by the wood stove and watching.

Did someone say the words “Bacon”