Late February and early March mean one thing.  Time to go ice fishing!  The snow on the lake has melted down a little and it is easier to get around right now and the slushy layer has frozen up.  Time to get the tip ups out. 


Fritz who I usually photograph sitting on a bucket has upgraded this year to a chair.  He had gone up and added another layer and was perfectly happy with his lake view


Mack has a short list of people he no question about it when they are at the resort he is their buddy.  Fritz is one of those people


Ok where are the Sausages? Hmmmm…… I ran out on this cold lake to say his where are the sausages?


Fritz is the best says Mack.  He ranks with Barb Moore, Ruth Grady, Gloria, Chris Moran, Kelsey, and Barb Ellis to name a few of his buddies


Fritz and Jimmy with their lake house


Catch so far plus a tip up that popped but got away


Tools of the trade


Back up the steps for me.  Stay tuned for more fish pics