Spring has sprung and everyone seemed to feel it and time to get out and enjoy some sunshine

Mack has been hanging out on the lake with the Cikowski crew.  You know the lake is safe when Mack with no encouragement beyond Fritz and his pocket of sausages heads out to the middle of the lake


Off he goes


Whats happening since I was here 15 minutes ago.  Did you find more sausages?


Fish are not as exciting to Mack as they are to Fritz, Jimmy and Tommy


Loving spring!


Our family this weekend headed off fat air biking with Katie and Bryon at the Zipline.  Ben and Ali were home for the weekend


Ready to head down the trail with Katie.  The LAMBO club keeps the trails at the Zipline in tip top shape.  It is like gliding through the woods with the huge tires.  Very fun and perfect weekend to go.  Andy at Chequamagon Adventure company in Min0cqua rents out the bikes if you ever want to try.  Fat Tire biking can be done year round.  The big tires are great for the woods in the summer as well at the winter


They had a fat tire race with 55 entries and Bryon was reading off the winners


Lots to fun!


In other news it was tree tapping time.  Troy and I tapped 43 trees on Sunday.  They are just starting to run and wake up.  Can’t wait to smell sap cooking on the wood stove.  If you make it up in the next couple of weeks you can check out our taps around the resort and cook a little down if you want to try it on the stove


Not hard to do



First bucket of clear sap ready to head to the woodstove


Tory and Steve informed me they were done helping me clean and have turned in their dusters for sanders and have started their first project.  I believe these boards are headed to Bear Den’s bedrooms along with some new windows.  Red Pine’s new bedroom doors are also in Steve’s workshop getting sanded and varnished


Nope I do not want to make beds today in the cabins.  

IMG_5505 (2)

In sock news I had this fun picture sent to me by Leslie Urbaniak of my socks at Antartica.  She says here toes are warm as can be in her Sock Shop socks

IMG_5498 (2)

Makes me laugh to think of how wide and far my socks have gone.  I know of a few pair in Europe too and some Christmas stockings in Alaska


In other news from the sock shop, Troy and I took some time to get my 1890’s Lamb Vcam flat bed knitter going.  This machine came to me in April as a rusted hunk of junk that had been headed to scrap heap


It has been quite a project getting this old knitter going.  The gold dial is the counter.  When it moves it is amazing to see the craftsmanship in this old machine


It has found a home in our dinning room.  Not sure exactly what I will make with it but just happy to have the old machine working with new life 

Stay tuned to see what comes off it


Mack is slightly disturbed about what might come off the machine.  A new pink sweater to match the scarf