For all the craziness in the world the resort seems like a haven.  We had several cabins of folks escaping the world for the weekend and enjoying some quiet moments at the cabin.  Also picking up toilet paper at Save More which still amazingly has some.  Happily we still have 5 cases of it in the basement from our toilet paper buy back in December.  Plenty to keep everyone happy while here for awhile


Chris Moran out enjoying a walk to the woodshed.

Better than dealing with lines for hand sanitizer at Walmart


We took a drive out to Winter Park.  The road was shall we say interesting….  frozen ruts for 5 miles…


But pretty scenery along the way


Back at home we had the maple sap cooking on the wood stove.  The first run was good and now we are waiting for it to warm up again for the next run


Storage pots waiting to be filled for more cooking


The basement is full of yarn to keep us busy making socks


We got a couple of sets of race horses ready for our horse racing game that we sell in the office

Best therapy for too much news and trips to the grocery store


Eagerly awaiting spring and a warm up that we hope brings better things for our world