We are keeping things as normal as we can in our little bubble of the Northwoods.  The boys are home from Saint Norbert for a few weeks at least.  Until their online classes start up we are putting them to work at the wood shed.  It is nice to keep a work routine going during these crazy times.  

The grocery stores in Minocqua have seen things run out here and there the usual toilet paper… hand sanitizer… frozen pizzas were the latest I saw disappear.  Holes here and there in the grocery aisles but basically staying stocked ok.  I am guessing we might see the restaurants close to dine ins but have not seen that yet

We are just keeping out little corner of the world operating as normal as we can.   We do have 5 cases of toilet paper from out last toilet paper buy back in December.  Shhh don’t tell anyone


We are starting up the spring cleaning along with the wood chopping.  The cabins will be all sparkly clean soon.  Blanket washing is in full steam ahead. 

One change we have made is we are spacing out our rentals in the cabins for March and April.  I will not be booking them back to back with guests.  We are making sure to have as many days as possible between guests using the cabins.  This will keep everyone including us healthier for March and April.  I am doing extra washing of blankets and pillows as well.  We all work together we will get through this.  

We are thankful of our regular guests as we realize how much everyone needs the peace of the Northwoods during these difficult times.  


Meanwhile we are enjoying some extra time with our boys at home just like everyone else