Happy to report that we are seeing some open water over where the road meets the lake.  How long till the ducks notice and return?

Just like everyone else we are hunkered down and not moving much beyond getting supplies in town.  Our grocery store has been well stocked 

We are just taking things one day at a time and continuing to work around the resort and keep up a regular routine


I have plenty of laundry soap and everything in the resort is getting an extra clean.  Some of our curtains which I usually send out I am putting through my machine and carefully ironing them.  There may be a few extra wrinkles but thats the way they are going to be this year.  Troy and I have spring cleaned Kaubashine, Shamrock, Birchwood, and Bayview.  We just started on Wildflower today.  Having a regular routine has really helped

Ben and Grant are at home doing their online classes for Saint Norbert and give us dirty looks when we want to turn on music while they are listening to an online lecture.  The gripping about our slow internet has also been on their minds


We are cooking down our 2nd batch of syrup.  The trees are getting ready for their crazy time which keeps us boiling.  When our wood stove gets overwelmed we will move the cooking outside this week


I have spent time trying to figure out my 1893 flat bed knitter.  It has been one step forward and 2 back


I have been finishing up a 5 Christmas Stocking order.  Once I am done with this order if you need any let me know


Someone has no cares in the world and is the most relaxed in the house

He has 2 bags of dog food in storage so he is happy


Now time to melt some more snow and warm this country up.

We hope you and your family are staying safe and big bear hugs are going to be in order this summer and many many parties and moments around campfires that nobody will ever take for granted again