So how is life in the Northwoods you ask?  According to Mack all is well but nobody is here to give him any bacon. He is the most chill member of the family

Minocqua is quiet just take out open for restaurants and the grocery stores are staying stocked of most things.  Walmart gets picked over but they had the car food I needed for my aunt the other day.   I just picked up a coffee curb side from The Great Northern Coffee it is nice to have some normalcy.  Other than that we are working on our projects around the resort just like everyone else staying home and safe and hope everyone else is too


Katie and Bryon stopped by they were biking as couples spaced apart.  Getting outside was healing for everyone


The maple trees are dripping away


We have been filtering off our sap of impurities.  It is clear when it comes off the trees and darkens as you cook it


We did get our outside cooker going over Kaubashine’s fire pit.  We had to dig out the pit.  We were drying off some of the wood around the cooker before adding it in.


When we finish a bath we do it over the stove in the kitchen with a hydrometer


Steve and Chris Moran have been over at Bear Den working away on new windows and paneling  We had all the materials purchased before things happened so they just started building.  


The bear’s ears are perfect for holding paneling for sanding


Bella broke away from her online school class to help Steve pick up stuff outside


Over at Muskie Inn there was another project.  Steve had been eyeing up a door in the Pukall Lumber clearance bin for 6 months.  In February he proudly announced he scored the door for the price he wanted.  So today was door hanging day


Fancy door


Chris Moran giving the door a thumbs way up!


Lots of socks being made.  The shop will be full of lots of new socks this year.  Nice selection of Green Bay Packer Socks


We also take time for fun.  Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch with our boys is fun.  You set up a virtual island that you live on collecting clams, fishing and making things from wood resources.  The raccoons are in charge of the island and you have to pay them.  Jake in Green Bay is threatening to come to my island from his and chop down my trees to take back to his island.  It is pure escapism and a great way to waste a few stress free hours


Snow is slowly melting


The raft is not covered in snow anymore


One of our good shovels got frozen in the ice.  We tied a rope on it and am waiting to pull it in when the ice melts some more


Shoreline slowly getting darker


Seeing the maple taps in the trees and walking around each day emptying them is my favorite time of day.  This little grove of trees is out by our gate


Stay safe everyone and I will keep the pictures from the Northwoods coming