We woke up to 10 inches of snow on the ground….  This would be the time I do not appreciate the beauty of the snow

We are all doing well so far in the Northwoods in our little bubble.  We are waiting still to hear from our governor and health department on what the next steps are.  We will be following all their guidelines to keep ourselves and our guests safe.  What does that look like we are not sure..  Some things we have been thinking of are spacing out rentals when we can as much as possible like we are doing now for anyone who needs safe lodging.  Lots of discussion about how to deal with blankets and sheets and cleaning both for our guests and our cleaning crews safety.  Those guidelines will be coming out and until then we are in a holding pattern.   If we deal with cancelations we are going to ask our guests to spread their deposits out between 2 visits.  For summer rentals until we know more we are dealing with through May 30th at the moment and crediting 1/2 of the deposit towards 2021 and half towards 2022.  Everyone has been great to work with and we have moved around anyone who needs it so far and putting credits where needed for guests in May.  We are doing the split on the deposit due to the fact that in January we use our spring and summer deposits to pay for property taxes and if we credit deposits 100 percent to 2021 reservation we will not have that money to pay the property taxes.  So bare with us as we know more we will make announcements.  We will weather this storm and be here for many many more years to come as everyones special place in the Northwoods

IMG_2189 (1)

Before the snow came Steve and Chris were busy on a couple of projects.  Number 1 the side door of Wigwam that nobody likes

We searched through our door inventory and came up with a nice solution


Chris staining the new door with window!  Wigwam will be getting brighter!


Steve posing with the new storm door with functioning screen


After that they headed to Norway to install some gutters.  Nice to not have the rain pouring down on top of the wood box


In typical road crew fashion 2 people stand while one works making trench for the drainage of the gutters.  Steve was working hard


Over at Kaubashine things were piling up outside


New kitchen counter we thankfully had purchased back in February


Kitchen looking good with new counters as well


Bathroom got a quick sprucing up of counters too


Troy and I spent the week blowing and raking.  Final spot was over at Eagles Nest.  Troy blowing off the roof


I grabbed a few minutes to walk down to the lake.  We did hear a loon fly over calling.  The lake is not open enough for them yet but they are eyeing up moving in date





Eagerly awaiting ice our as much as the loons are

The snow today definitely moved ice out a few days later