You did not get any blog entries last week due to the fact that we received 10 inches of snow and I was not taking pictures.  Stay at Home and 10 inches of snow is not a good combination for mental health.  Things are better now with most of the snow leaving and the lake is slowly opening up

We are just continuing to wait to see how the season plays out.  As long as we are allowed to be open we will be.  Spacing apart rentals and coming up with ways of keeping the resort as virus free as we can.  Right now our county is only reporting 6 cases some of which might be recovered.  I do now have a supplier of hospital grade disinfectant that I will be using to clean the cabins.  There will be changes but hoping to provide a respite for couples and families from the last month and a half.  


Raft is now ice free



Not quite ready to put them in the water but soon…


Steve, Chris and Troy spent the week working on new steps for Holiday


Cement was mixed and footings set


Logs were prepared


Most important getting the log straight up and down



Toward the end of the week it started to take shape as the weather did too


More sawing and banging


The roof went on Friday.  

Saturday we lost our buddy Chris Moran.  He headed home after being with us 5 weeks.  He and his wife Amanda arrived just as the pandemic was hitting.  Amanda had to return to her grocery store job and Chris decided to stay and not get exposed to the possible germs from Amanda’s job.  A hard choice for many couples in our country.  After 5 weeks and many projects done with Steve it was time for Chris to head home to Amanda.  Thanks Chris for you work and friendship being in our Black’s Cliff bubble.  See you this summer when you can give Amanda a tour of all your projects.  Thanks to Amanda for her steadfast advice and guidance she gives to the workers around her keeping them safe