The resort is slowly shaking off the winter look and looking more like summer.  The leaves need to pop our more but it is looking more green out

As we creep closer to summer lots of talking with guests on the phone.  I had a question about masks are we requiring them.  We will not require them but do ask folks to be respectful of others.   Some do and some do not wear them.  Out side we have enough space around the resort for social distancing and we ask everyone to respect others space.  We have a few common areas around the resort the stairways and dock areas are probably the biggest ones.  Carrying a mask in your pocket and slipping it on when encountering someone in those areas or just waiting for someone to pass to give them space would be what we ask.  We will be spreading out beach chairs to our other docks to give people options.  Our pontoon boats if not being used are nice to sit by.  Leaving the beach area seating for families with kids who want to play in the sand has always been a bit of a norm.  Our boats will be in as usual.  I will be leaving some hand sanitizer spray and a bucket with a bleach wipe for folks to wipe them off.  We will be wiping them off as regularly as we can as well.  These guidelines will change depending on what is going on in the world.  Most of it is common sense that people are doing already at home.  We will be keeping a vacation on Lower Kaubashine as safe and stress free as we can.  If there is a place you can social distance on vacation I think Black’s Cliff is it.  


The guys are starting to do dock work and get things straightened out.  The boat landing in the area are all open except for the Lac Du Flambeau Area.  The indian reservation has shut down most operations in their town for now.  The bait shops in town are all open.  Some are allowing a few people in the store or curb side pick up.  Rollie and Helens Muskie shop has a tent set up outside with the basics and then they go get what else you want from in the store.  I have seen most of the food and ice cream places open up for curbside including Hoggie Doggie’s, Minocqua Fudge and Minocqua Popcorn Shop.  I saw lights on at Charles Fine Cheese and I am assuming they are opening some how soon too.  Slowly things are opening up.

Paper products are starting to appear more at the stores but still buy one per customer.  For now when you come bring along a few rolls of toilet paper.  We have not been able to order cases of toilet paper yet for the cabins.  Hopefully soon we will be able to get some.   

I am pulling out our extra rugs in the cabins just to make cleaning easier.  So if you like area rugs bring a few along.  Beds are being made with clean sheets and blanket and comforter are piled up on the blanket rack in the bedrooms for guests to choose to use or bring their own

I think through these efforts we are making the resort as safe and stress free as we can for our guests and our family


The last snow banks are still melting


Leaves are getting picked up


My Aunt Debbie has been busy making dish rags to sell in the Sock Shop.


She does beautiful work.  They are 4 dollars each.  She may add in her fruit pot holders she likes to make as well.  If she is visiting for the afternoon on my deck stop and say hi to her.  She moved to Minocqua from New York and lives in senior apartment in town but likes to visit when she can

My shop will be open during the summer.  I will be allowing one group at a time to shop in it and I will be opening up the french windows in the shop when folks are shopping.  Learning to adjust….   The rec room is still being discussed…..  


The Northwoods is slowly coming to life with a few changes but for the most part it is about spending time with family and friends just some of them will be 6 feet away.  6 feet away is much better than a Zoom call where everyone gets caught trying to talk at once.