I am happy to announce our hospital grade disinfectant arrived this week.  I am so relieved.  I feel with these products we will be able to better provide a safe place for families to visit this year.  John has been our pest control guy for over 20 years.  He is a biologist who grew up in Minocqua and started his pest control business when he returned to the area after college.  I have always felt comfortable with John taking care of our pest needs.  He works with his crew spraying and making sure things are done properly.  John in March drove to Chicago to pick up cleaning supplies anticipating the need. He drove back with barrels of disinfectant and hydrogen peroxide.    He dropped off our first batch to use this week. 

John went through with me what to do with the products.  We will be misting the cabins with a pump mister like you use on plants before my cleaning crew even goes in the cabins.  Our cleaning crews will be smaller just 2 – 3 people on 3 crews this year same 3 groups for the summer.  My crews are family and friends so keeping them safe along with our guests and our family is my number one priority.  The hospital grade stuff will be sprayed on doors, floors, bathroom and furniture.  It needs to dry 10 minutes to do its thing and then it is done and ok for people to touch.  Tables and the kitchen where food is we will be using the 2nd product hydrogen peroxide.  When it dries it only leaves water behind.  Having a biologist go through these procedures with me and he uses the same products in his home with his kids I feel better.  Big thanks to John for helping us out!


This stuff is like gold at the moment!

We will also be using a bleach solution on outside chairs and tables the same way.  The bleach solution is 5 table spoons bleach to one gallon of water.  This will also be used I think at the beach on the chairs down there.  Stay tuned we are still developing our procedures at the beach.

I am planning on emailing out a week before reservations this summer updates on what we are doing and what stores are open or closed so guests can plan accordingly.


We had to break it to Mack that his days of carousing around the resort are over for this summer.  He will be closely monitored by us and on a leash.  We talked and due to not being completely sure if a virus can be on his fur going cabin to cabin we have decided to error on the side of caution.  If he does sneak around us and out of the house please do not pet him.  It is going to be hard on him but we will keep him going with bacon treats.  

Everyone with dogs coming to the resort will have to practice this as well.  We do sometimes have a few that wander around and we will be clamping down on that for everyones safety.

Everyone working together we can stay safe 


We got to doing a bunch of painting this week.  Our raft was top of the list  Grant and his girlfriend Bex took time our from studying to enjoy the sun along with a little work


Ben and Ali were not far behind they were staining the Perch, the upper deck, and Kaubashine’s stoop

It was nice to be outside and doing regular spring work


It is nice to see the resort slowly coming together.  We know it is going to be a different summer this year but hoping to make it a refuge for families that are ready to travel and be together as best they can.  Social Distancing at the resort we think we can do even though we don’t want to.