COVID 19 Update 

Our family’s commitment to provide a safe and clean environment for families to travel to has never been higher. Our phones have been ringing as we hear from our regular guests and new ones. We realize everyone needs their time in the woods and at the lake even more now. We are determined to continue to provide a special place for everyone, even during COVID 19.

We are licensed as an essential business in the state of Wisconsin. Throughout this pandemic, we have been open and welcoming guests. As such, we have made many  changes to adjust to this crisis. And, we will continue to change things as needed for the health of our guests, our family, and our friends who help us run the resort.

As we head into the summer season and beyond, we have made the following adjustments:

Cleaning Procedures at the Resort

Cleaning and sanitizing cabins for the safety of our guests and cleaning crew is our top priority. Our cabins are cleaned by our family and friends, so keeping them safe and healthy along with our guests is our goal. Many of our cleaners have been with us 10 to 20 years. They care as much as we do about keeping the cabins safe and ready for guests. Here are a few of the things we are doing:

  1. We acquired a hospital-grade disinfectant that we will be misting around the cabin on the furniture, doors and floors before our cleaning crew goes into the cabins.  We also have hydrogen peroxide which we will be misting in food areas, including the kitchens and tables.
  2. We will provide sheets for the beds, but ask guests to bring their own blankets and pillows. We will have a supply of blankets and pillows to check out, if you don’t have room to pack them in your car. 
  1. Remember to bring along basic essentials, like spices, salt, pepper, sugar and  coffee. We are no longer permitted to leave these items in the cabin.
  2. We will be sanitizing the silverware when we clean the kitchen. However, time restraints do not allow us to sanitize all the dish ware, pots and pans. A gallon of bleach will be provided in each cabin for guests to sanitize these items.  
  3. We will provide hand sanitizer in the cabins, along with the usual hand and dish soap.
  4. Bring along your kitchen and bathroom towels, as usual. 
  5. We have removed all extra rugs from the cabins, so bring some along if you want this extra comfort.
  6. We will be asking guests to remove the sheets before they leave and put them in a bin outside the cabin, along with the bath mats and shower curtains.

Around the Resort Changes

  1. Our rec/community room is currently shut down for games. We will leave the movie rental and bathroom open. Hand sanitizer will be provided, and we will be wiping these areas down each day.
  2. Jenny’s Sock Shop and resort gift shop will be open by request. We will allow one group at a time to shop. Just ask Jenny to open up the store.
  3. Our playground will be open as long as the health department says it is permissible.  We will make a bleach spray available to sanitize equipment.
  4. Most of our activities are outside. We ask that all guests respect the space of others, keeping a six-foot social distance between groups.
  5. Our beach area will be open, with the six-foot distance required between groups. We ask that the sand beach seating be prioritized to families with young children who want to play in the sand. We will be spacing out seating for everyone else on our docks and pontoon boats. We also encourage use of our outer docks, and have moved chairs over to these areas. We will also provide bleach spray at the beach for guests to spray chairs, paddles, boats or railings. We will be sanitizing each morning, as well.
  6. Our dog park will remain open, but only one group at a time will be allowed. Please bring your own dog toys. All dogs are required to be on leash through the resort. 
  7. Our golden retriever Mack usually wanders around the resort greeting guests. This summer we will be keeping him on a leash. We ask guests to love him from a distance, and to please not pet him.  

We hope these changes keep everyone safe and ready to enjoy their special time at the lake without worry.

The Gibson and Black Families


Mack says please pay no attention to number 7……..