Our exciting news.  Our middle son Ben graduated from Saint Norbet College this weekend.  We tried to make it as special as we could for him graduating from home


Insert Pomp and Circumstance.  

His graduation walk has been delayed to August 29th but we were taking the pictures now

He graduates with an accounting degree and minor in finance.  Now to find a job!


Graduating Northwoods style with mom and dad.  How many socks equals 4 years at Saint Norbert?  A lot


Getting congrats from his brothers.  Jake is teaching Biology in Green Bay at Preble High School.  Grant is home for the summer and headed back to Saint Norbert in the fall for his Junior year.  I still have socks to make this summer.  Now though with just one in college part of every sock sale is being donated to The Lake Land Food Pantry along with getting Grant though school


We had fun with the neighbors on the road with honks all afternoon


Now that graduation is over time to get to work.  Getting the docks in


Who got the leaky waders?


Grant sporting his Corona hair.  No asking mom yet for a buzz cut.  


Two heads are better than one


I picked up our first batch of hand sanitizer at the distillery.  It is 30 dollars a gallon but well work it.  We will be putting a container in each cabin and in a few spots around the resort.  Keeping the cooties away!


My new friend is also a bucket of bleach water and my gloves.  You will see these with me a lot this summer as we work hard to keep the surfaces around the resort germ free


We had a visitor this weekend.  Momma bear and her cub.  She was stopping by for our bird feeder.  We have put the bird seed away but I ask everyone to be careful leaving any food outside over night for awhile.  She and her cub got into our dumpsters as well.  


Baby bear had scampered up the big white pine while momma had a stand off with Troy and his flashlight