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Mack is getting the hang of this social distancing thing.  His ice fishing buddies Jimmy and Fritz went floating by in their boat and Mack I swear knew them from a distance. He misses nosing Fritz’s pocket for sausages.  Social distancing is hard on a 10 year old resort dog but he is doing it


Sharon and Tom in Bear Den shared this pic of the baby deer daycare center that got opened for one day.  Momma deer for some reason thought leaving her new born under a green chair for 8 hours was a good idea.  Tom and Sharon watched over the fawn from a distance all day hoping momma was coming back.  Baby deer are typically like this hidden among ferns in the woods by moms during the day while they eat.  Moms come back do not touch fawns like this or they become orphans.  Kudos to Tom and Sharon for letting nature take its course


Mom came back about 7pm 



We have been getting a lot of work done around the resort yet.  Ben and Ali painting the green boats.  Ali likes to paint them and Ben has informed me this is his last year painting them.  We shall see LOL


Troy getting the oars ready to go


My COVID19 update does not say it but we are basically sanitizing twice once with the disinfectant spray and once more with bleach water as we dust and wipe things down

We are this week reducing the number of utensils in the cabins.  If you are missing anything I will have things over at my office building.  When we are sanitizing everything and a cabin has 10 spatulas, 2 can openers, 2 ice cream scoops and 8 pancake flippers it is time to reduce the number of items in the kitchen  No worries you will have everything in your kitchen just not duplicates of everything.  We are making it easier for us and you to keep everything clean with less to worry about.  


We had this amazing cupcake platter brought as a treat for us by Lori Bowers.  It was quickly eaten


Social distancing cup cake appreciation!  Thanks Lori and Holly!


Back to work painting the playground for Grant.  He is eyeing up getting the red boat in but we told him no red boat till the big pontoon is sprayed and cleaned.  We have kept our 28 foot pontoon that we were thinking about selling at least for now.  Steve is itching though to do some trading in of pontoons…. he is eyeing up deals and as long as the resort is doing ok in a few weeks we just may buy one if the deal is right stay tuned


The phones have been extremely busy filling up our few cancelations that have happened. .  My desk has fallen a bit behind with time on the phone and sanitizing cabins.  Time to get to it!

We still have a few nightly openings up to June 13th,   Bear Den 4 bdr June 23, 24 and 25 and Norway 3 bdr June 27 – July 4th.  After that we are currently booked out till August 21.  People are feeling pretty good coming to a resort vs. a motel with shared hallways and common areas.  

Back to my bleach bucket no desk work today