We have had some beautiful days at the resort this June.  Summer is here to stay and we are enjoying it


This picture of the Lewis’s sums it up folks are ready to just sit back and relax and soak up the quiet after all the turmoil of the past few months

We have surprisingly or maybe not surprisingly, had very few cancelations.  The few cancelations that have cropped up in the main summer months have been in our bigger units where 2 or 3 families were coming together who had not had exposure to each other and where not ready yet, or folks that were flying in.  

Right now we do have Red Pine July 31 – 7th and Bear Den August 7 – 14th at 2780/week for up to 10 people.  Both have their own docks and own driveways.  Perfect spots to social distance and not have common areas to worry about.  


Troy and I did wander out to Otto’s Beer Garden.  We felt comfortable with their sanittableation and being outside.  Servers do not have masks on but there was a nice breeze and tables were spaced apart


Beer cheese soup and a pretzel


Many of our guests are sticking to the resort and not going to town much compared to other years.  So keeping the kids busy doing things safely at the resort instead of running to town has been a change.  Amy who makes the soaps in the bathrooms that many of you have enjoyed the last couple of years has started a weekly soap felting class.  She brings in her large variety of goat milk soaps in different scents.  Each family got their own table spaced apart to take instruction from Amy how to separate the wool, pack it around the soap, add in some spice of color and then felt away!.  Younger kids did better paired with an adult.  9 and ups and adults did their own bars.  It was fun to see all the combos everyone came up with


Gillespie Family separating and layering their wool


Lots of fun!


Keeping busy hands busy.


Even dads got pulled in who never thought they would be crafting on vacation


When told to mash things this guy was all over it 


Finished product starts to come out of the bags


The school essays on what did you do on summer vacation will involve soap this year


Just plain cute


Little Miss Penny was proud of her accomplishment and ready to wash her hands!


The new favorite thing this summer is movies on the playground.  With our new speaker system it is perfect way to enjoy movies!  Last night it was Disney’s Onward.  Bring a blanket, popcorn and enjoy!  We will be doing this as much as people want.  Twice a week or so depending on requests from groups.  The screen gets better the darker it is but the kids fall asleep the darker it gets so we have been starting a little earlier with the young kids movies.  How many times will be show The Great Outdoors this summer with John Candy?  I might have it memorized by the end of the summer


Bella and Grant up in the high seats.  What movie theatre has seats like these?

Time to enjoy Summer 2020 in new ways we had not thought of before