Blue skis and summer ahead!

Currently we are booked till August 21st and that is a good thing!  Thankful for our repeat and new guests who have put their confidence in us to have a safe space for them to step out of their houses and do a little traveling to our corner of the northwoods

We are doing one change for fall.  Reservations in the fall starting Sept 7th and probably all winter as long as COVID19 sticks around we will need to start a cleaning fee to cover our extra cleaning costs.  Starting September 7th 2 bdrs will add on 50, 3bdrs 75 and 4 bdrs 100 per visit.  We are adding cleaning staff and hours to fall with all the turn over we do.  It is quite a work out.  We call it the Rona-work out.  This will enable us to keep up our cleaning standards through the off season.  


But till then it is time for summer!


Care free days swimming to the trampoline.  The squirrels made a nest in our old trampoline making holes too big to repair.  Our new one arrived this week.  Just in time for some lake fun!




We also had a delivery of a new pontoon boat.  We are trading in our big 28 foot boat for this one.  Steve said last fall it was the last time he was going to launch the 28 footer putting the tail pipe of the truck in the lake as he hoped to not get stuck pulling it out.  This one is the right size to launch at Hilltop


So it is a happy day at the resort things are looking and feeling more normal.  We run the resort just like always but with a mask in our pocket, hand sanitizer at the ready, bleach spray close by and 6 feet apart and it is working


Yep a pretty happy picture!


As Aunt Debbie says “Love from Wisconsin”