We had a great 4th of July at the resort.  It was different with COVID19 and trying to keep up social distancing at the resort.  In town most things were canceled except for the fireworks including the parade.  Kelsey pictured above loves the parade and it is one of her favorite things on vacation since she was little.  Our resort guests knew this and asked me if we could do something special to surprise Kelsey when she arrived.  A small Black’s Cliff social distance parade.  We thought about it and planned it and each family came up with their own float and we had a parade and Kelsey was thrilled


We had a grand marshal, Rich Snodgrass who loves the parade almost as much as Kelsey


Rich led it out with his grandson, Miller as our kiddie parade participant


We had our active military guests leading out the parade. Salute to them from Marines, Army and Air Force Reserve

Schuiler Hixson, USMC and his new finance Maritza U. S. Army (Congrats to them on engagement and love the ring!)

Conner and Marlaina Thompson Air Force Reserve

We thank them for their service and it was an honor to have them in our parade


The Hazelhurst fire department sent over a truck.  It made it feel real as the fire whistle went through the resort.  Big thank you to the fire department for joining in.  Kelsey due to COVID19 could not ride in the truck with them but would have if she could have.  


We did not have just one fire truck we had two of them.  Thanks to the Hazelhurst Volunteer Department for their service to our community!


Our parade was ready to step off keeping distance between groups


Our horse shoe tournament leader Tom Hixson, The Great Oh No, lead out things after the firetrucks


Mary Ellen and her sister Anne came down with their float.  It was great to have so many neighbors add in


Sarah our parade organizer kept everyone in line


We even had a beauty pageant winner, Miss Black’s Cliff


Through the resort we went making two loops before parading down the road to Hilltop


Our Gator picked up Kelsey along the way with her dad Bob


Steve of course had his own entry in the parade, a home made cannon.  It rolled down the road


Another float of steve’s was rolled down the road.  His daughter Bella with friends had spent last week painting the decoration on


Mack was not left out


Most entertaining was the Camp Agawak girls.  This dance routine was a sight to see that will not be repeated and had to be seen in person


Down the road to Hilltop we went


Katie and her friend Julie were the back of the parade with the horses.  No parade is complete without horses


Once at Hilltop we all enjoyed Root Beer Floats served safely in plastic glasses compliments of Tom and Mary Ellen.  Paul and Pam Zaremba were happy to pull over after pushing the wheel barrow and riding bike in parade.  Parade would not be complete without our old wheel barrow entry.  Paul spent a lot of time pushing this wheel barrow delivering wood back in the 70’s and 80’s.  The bond between Paul and the wheel barrow is of legend


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter and float and put spirit into the day to make Kelsey and everyone feel a little more normal on this special day.  It really showed what makes it so special to come to the resort and get to know your neighbors in the other cabins.  A community working together can accomplish so much.  I hope our country can find the same spirit in the coming months


From our family bubble to yours we wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! 

We were only missing Bex, Grant’s girlfriend who was working