We had a very special wedding at the resort this week. Schuyler and Maritza were going to get married next week in Chicago.  Only 4 people are going to witness the wedding with a small family reception after.  All Schuyler’s resort friends and family were at the resort so there was a suggestion that lets have it at the resort before you go home.  Everyone brainstormed and 1 hour later we had a wedding  Who needs to plan for a year and put all sorts of money towards it.  Our resort family pulled off an amazing family event full of emotion and meaning with amazing people to witness and be a part of the event.  

Tom Hixson the grandfather of the groom escorted Maritza down the stairs


The wedding guests in green chairs


Eric Peterson preformed the ceremony.  He was ordained a few years ago and happened to be on the dock when the subject or preforming a wedding in an hour came up.  Schuyler waiting for the bride to come down.  Who needs a year to plan a wedding?


They got a military salute with oars and paddles in honor of their service to the country.  They are headed to bases an hour and a half apart after another more formal wedding next week.  The lovely hat on her head is from my wedding 27 years ago.  It was quickly found in the attic

IMG_3034 (1)

Grandparents Tom and Murry Hixson with front row seats.  As the ceremony went on the cake was cooking in Muskie’s oven


Our happy couple at the alter with all the need with friends and family close by


Eric Peterson also makes rings and he had some beautiful wooden birch rings that Miller the ring bearer brought to the couple


Whats a wedding without a kiss?


There was an Old Fashion toast to the couple


And the cake got done just in time!  Congrats to Schuyler and Martiza   Wish we could all be with you next week when you do the official vows.  Just goes to show what folks can pull together in an hour.  It is not about how fancy the wedding is in a big church but who you have around you.  Be careful what you suggest while sitting on the dock at the resort.  Next thing you know before dinner you are married