A few year ago a guy and a gal met and had three girls.  Dan and Steph brought Jaimie, Melanie and Laurie to the resort since they were babies.  Dan’s whole family enjoyed summers at there resort even before the girls came along.  Dan’s parents, Wills and Lou Christian started the the tradition with their kids before these girls were even a glimmer in their dads eye

They have enjoyed their time at the resort every summer.  Through Cabbage Patch Doll days, teenage drama, marriages and now the next generation.  

During the year of COVID I think it is important to see families making the changes needed to enjoy time together.  Each week I see families quarantining or social distancing so they can enjoy time together either close or 6 feet apart


Melanie and Laurie loaded up with their girls with husbands and Luca in another car on their way to the resort!

They had quarantined the best they could to enjoy time with grandma and grandpa

IMG_3445 (1)

Jaimie and Nathan coming from their corner of the US also quarantining getting ready for vacation with their boys

Vacation would be different but everyone was coming together.  Maybe not hugging and maybe 6 feet apart but together none the less in their favorite spot that everyone learned to value just a little bit more with what they all went through this year


Grandma here we are!


All the sacrifice to stay cootie free to visit grandma and grandpa is worth it for this picture


Steph with happiness in her eyes enjoying her grandkids


Family pontoon boat ride was a high light


Auntie Jaimie with Nyla.  The smiles say it all.  Value this time 


Nathan giving directions to Holly to drive him.  This was a huge moment for Nathan to give up the drivers seat…


But worth it to get this picture of him and Brad cruising around the lake

There were many skiing firsts.  First salomns, first skis, and first times driving the boat.  All an important time in 2020 to make the rest of 2020 bearable


Time at the dock with coffee and the sunrise… with a sister or 2


The smile after conquering the fear of muskies to swim across the lake.  Way to go Melanie!   Just swim fast and the muskies won’t nibble on your toes


Go Melanie go!  Her first swim across the lake ever!  Never to late to do something you have wanted to do for years

Makes 2020 good memory!


Great rides in the red boat!  Beats rush hour around New Orleans any day!


Social distancing with others at the lake.  The Berchtold family stopping by to talk with everyone.  Boats were the perfect way to social distance with folks not in the family.  


Dogs just don’t get social distancing….


So congrats to the Christian family for finding their way through COVID 19 to still enjoy time together.  We have all learned times like these are to be valued and will help them get through teaching reading to a 1st grader, figuring out how to get a trumpet to not to exude respiratory droplets, what travel trailer to buy to visit family, how to get a college up and running in COVID, not to have nightmares of muskies chasing toes through the water, are among just a few things that will challenge this crew as soon as they leave to return in 2021

See you again in 2021 for another summer of memories.  May everyone’s trip around the sun till we meet easier after a week on Lower Kaubashine

This is just one families journey coming to the resort that I see every week.  Everyone has their own comfort level and bubble of people in their COVID circle.  I am sharing their journey but there are many more I could that are just as special.  Vacation is different in many ways but in many good ways just the same you just have to fill in the blanks safely