Beautiful late summer morning at the lake


Red squirrels have been starting to harvest their pinecones.  They are nasty little buggers.  This one was literally dropping pinecones all afternoon on our deck from above.  It was returning for the spoils.  It was aggressively chattering for Mack and I to get off the deck


It went out to the end of the table and chattered at Mack who promptly ignored it


Our great guard dog on duty.  Troy further pissed off the squirrel by picking up all the spoils off the deck and hiding them in the house


Big thank you to all the folks who dropped off pop tabs this summer.  Our usual family did not have room for them in their car to take to Minneapolis.  I have another guest who works at the Madison Ronald McDonald House.  That is where this years went.  Theresa told me that pop tabs for her Ronald McDonald house amount to about 10,000 a year and they really appreciate the donation.  


Keep bring them with you on vacation and dropping them off.  I will always make sure they make it to a deserving Ronald McDonald House.  You never know how great this place is till you need it.  We used one twice with our middle son years ago and have never forgotten how important they are for families who need them


In other news it was fun watching Troy and Jake move the raft around to its correct spot in a stiff wind.  There was some rearrangement happening but the raft got put back in its spot


This is one of my favorite pics this summer.  Father and son feeding bluegills worms.  These two were having quite a good time together playing with the bluegills.  This is what vacation is all about moments like this with your family.  


Anybody who likes Amy’s goat milk soaps in the cabins I have just added her soaps to  They can be ordered both regular and felted soaps.  She has over 20 scents listed on the site.  check them out.  I also have finally gotten half of my scarves up on the site.  Currently all the socks, gloves and half of the scarves are current on the site.  I have hats to do after I am done with scarves


Wiped out from squirrel defense