Mornings like this on Lower Kaubashine are the best.  Crystal clear and calm 

Gavin was out floating in his boat enjoying some quiet moments at the lake


I found out it was swim across the lake morning for his wife Tina and daughter inlaw.  Absolutely beautiful morning for a swim.  

Tina worked for us about 30 years ago helping out at the resort.  She has stayed in contact with us and has brought her family to the resort many times over the years.  Always nice to see her and her family.  


Swim Tina Swim!


We had a sad goodbye to John and Barb Ellis.  They have been staying in Birchwood since 2001 in August.  We are happy they have their own little cabin on a lake now but will miss them as guests.  I know Mack will miss Barb’s ear rubs and treats.  Good luck John and Barb!  Hope to see you in the offseason for skiing or hiking  Enjoy your new cabin


In other news we had a lightening strike in the resort Friday  It blew up this maple tree.  This is by the playground on the road to Eagles Nest.  Our cable lines from our satellite dishes pass by close to this area.  The lightning blew up those lines and entered our house and fried our TV system that sends out TV signal to the cabins.  Troy is doing his best to get things back on.  

We had the smell of burnt electronics in our house.  It blew apart all the TV splitters and amplifiers in the house.  Troy has had to dig a new cable line.  We are slowly getting things back to normal.  Our internet routers were also damaged to our house and at Eagles Nest.  We had folks through the resort that night see sparks in the air.  It was quite an event



If you can see in the picture the lightening blew out the roots of the tree.  Thankfully the tree was mostly dead anyway.  It was not a maple we tap for sap


At the sock shop I had a delivery of hand painted super wash merino yarns arrive.  They were hand dyed by my friend Hilly Jacklin in Missouri.  They are absolutely beautiful.  I will be posting pictures of what these make up on Jenny’s Sock Shop Instagram and Facebook pages.  Check them out to see what I make.  See a color you love and want to see it in a particular sock size or gloves let me know I am taking requests

Black’s Cliff is also on Instagram as well.  Keeping Facebook, Instagram and the blog up to date is a challenge.  

COVID Update:  We will be guaranteeing 24 hours sit time between reservations starting November 1 to May 15th.  We think this is a good safety measure for our guests as well as our cleaning crew (who is mainly our family).  We are doing everything we can to keep Black’s Cliff a safe place for people to come to during COVID and keep our family healthy