Cool September weather has hit.  The lake fog is back



Color peaking through the greenIMG_3892

We had lots of groups out enjoying a fire


Nothing says Labor Day like good food around a weber grill


Troy is still getting our TV system to come back after the lightening strike a couple of weeks ago.  We called in Joe the TV dude to help.  Joe found a few more places the lightening stuck, including some connections in our basement.  We have gotten the local channels out to the cabins.  Our satellite is still not broadcasting to the cabins.  The lightening shattered the COAX output from our satellite receiver to the cabins.  The HDMI output still works but the output to the cabins is still COAX cable.  Right now the cabins get the 12 or so local channels and we are working on trying to figure out the satellite


Troy has put up a few TV antennae receivers around the resort to get better reception.  Eagles Nest and Holiday got them on their roofs.  Eagles Nest cable we figure is fried from the lightening.  We had splitters and amplifiers under Shamrock blown apart from the strike that took the signal to Eagles Nest


Part of our cleaning crew celebrated with margaritas after Labor Day cleaning.  We made it so far through COVID19 in one piece and smelling like bleach


Mack just takes it all in stride.  He has partially torn ACL and is on partial bed rest for a few more weeks.  

On to fall!.  You will notice we are almost 100 percent booked in September and October is filling up fast.  If you are looking for some time away in a sparkling clean cabin give a call.  The COVID busters are on the prowl keeping the cabins clean and as COVID free as we can make them