The trail was calling out name on a warm fall day.  This is the paved bike trail that runs through the Raven Trail in Woodruff.  The trail starts at Indian Mounds in Tomahawk and runs through this beautiful part of the Raven Trail through old growth forests.  My sister is not a fan of the destruction to parts of the Raven Trail to make this paved trail…. but Troy and I sure enjoyed biking down it.  You can’t beat the scenery.  The Raven Trail portion is hilly but it flows nicely with down hills before uphills most of the time.  We biked 2 miles both ways  and it flew by


The colors were amazing on the trail


There was this blurry guy behind me chasing me down the trail LOL


We parked the bikes at the Clear Lake Boat landing


Clear Lake


Can’t beat the colors!

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