Its been an absolutely beautiful fall in the Northwoods.  The colors are headed to peak




We have had a lot of regular guests through our doors.  Howard and Jean Berchtold have not let corona slow them down or rob them of their visits to the Northwoods.  They may be cooking in more and sticking close to the resort but they love every moment in the woods together


Mike and Michelle Tungett had not been to the resort in a couple of years.  It was nice to see them.  They enjoyed some great drives around the woods and a fantastic hike on the Fallison Lake Trail 15 min from the resort.  Michelle took a ton of pictures.  Fallison is a photographers paradise especially in the fall


We have had some visitors that are  not as welcome.  Red squirrels are the enemy of our family .  They have crossed a line with Troy in the past week sneaking in our basement and taking paper towel out for nests.  He can tolerate their chattering from the trees, and throwing pine cones from the trees but when you enter the house it is war.  They are not shy and seem to get joy out of laughing at us from the trees.  The live trap is set and the squirrel relocation program is in full swing.  They may look cute but they are diabolical


I have been busy making fingerless gloves.  The cool temps have had the gloves flying out of the shop.  I just switched from PayPal to taking all credit cards.  It you want to order you can pick local pick up and save shipping or I can ship.  You can even shop from the cabin if you want or shop ahead to save stuff that you want.  I have Art Tour coming through starting October 9th so the selection is best before the tour starts.  Last year the tour wiped out a lot of my stock.  Good thing I make my own stuff and don’t need to wait for shipments from China.  Made in Hazelhurst is my motto!


We are quite booked up now the first half of October.  I have put a few specials up on some midweek stuff in October and Shamrock is on special at 160/night November 1 – November 18

Get your reservations in, if you are thinking of coming up.  Bring your food and enjoy quiet time at the cabin away from politics and virus